Friday, 13 January 2012

Virgin Witch - S/T 7"

Along with Loss, this was one of the freebies that arrived from A389. I'm pretty sure this serves as the only release from Virgin Witch, a band that features Domenic Romeo on guitar and bass. I was a lot more pleased about receiving this as a freebie, I was going to be buying this anyway. 
Released in Free Cake records, this EP contains two songs; "Nail of Dicara" and "Sight Beyond Sight". The first is a slow and heavy track that sets the scene for the assault the second track brings. The vocals are twisted, nasty and just about perfect for the track. What is cool is that the two tracks run into each other, so you can just listen to them over and over in a continuous loop (only when listening digitally though I guess).

The cover contains a beautiful silk screened image of who I assume is the Virgin Witch. I also noticed an eye in a pyramid down the bottom, which brings to mind the artwork of Pulling Teeth.
The record is on grey vinyl, and seems to have traces of black swirled into it.
 It only contains tracks on the one side, which leaves the reverse side open for this nice surprise.
Included was the lyrics sheet, which is always fantastic to get.
To my surprise, this also came with a free download code. I guess this isn't surprising in itself, but it is when it comes inside a cover for a Magic card...

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