Thursday, 26 January 2012

Integrity - Darkness/Marched Of The Damned 7"

It seems like I've mentioned an Integrity lot from Ebay more times than the amount of records I received. I know that's impossible really. Anywho, as you probably guessed, this is one of the records I received. Originally this was included with the blue version of "To Die For". A mere 350 were produced, so this was quite a good score. I'm beginning to think I severely underpaid for what I got in that lot... not my problem though right?

The record contains two songs, which are early recordings of tracks from "Those Who Fear Tomorrow". You can probably guess which two they are.
Inside the cover are the lyrics to both of the songs. Down in the bottom right corner is the familiar 6 cross picture. I wonder what the meaning of that one is?
Only one version of this was pressed; plain black vinyl. The A side centre label is a picture of the Baphomet with some strange writing circling it. I really can't figure out what it is meant to say.
The reverse label is a tad less cryptic; it is simply the process logo. The red really does make it look menacing though.
It is always awesome when a second hand item comes with the original extras. This time around I got a HT sticker showing the lamb and the goat fused as one.

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