Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Rot In Hell / Brain Dead Split 7"

If I'm correct, then this is the first split that Rot In Hell released. I the time I had not heard of Brain Dead, and I haven't heard of anymore of their material since. For me, something just didn't quite work with the songs they put out for this split and I didn't feel I wanted to hear anymore. On the other hand, RIH live up to expectations and give two really strong numbers that later make their way onto "Hallways Of The Always".

On both sides the artwork has a lot going on, so much that it is kinda hard to explain. How about you just look yourself?
I'm not sure if more versions of this exist, but the one I have is plain black. If other coloured versions do exist it doesn't matter, the black suits the artwork really well. 
The centre labels contain two very different pictures. On the A side we have a devilish looking creature holding an infant above the head of a woman. I'm sure this scene is from a movie, but I can't quite figure out what one. This side also features the inscription " Don't need to sell my soul".
On the flip side is a picture of a sunglassed individual holding a microphone, a tad less striking as the other label. There is also the inscription "He's Already In Me".
I also received a mini lyrics sheet along with this, it didn't really need to be any bigger though. 

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  1. The inscriptions are lyrics from The Stone Roses song 'I wanna be adored', the B-Side label is their singer, Ian Brown. Great split!