Thursday, 29 December 2011

Pulling Teeth - Lightning Strikes Twice Flexi

Before Pulling Teeth announced they were calling it quits, they went on a European tour with the mighty Seraphim. At said show, they were releasing  a limited edition flexi single. Sadly I probably couldn't be further away from Europe and was not able to go the show, nor receive my copy of the flexi. Luckily enough, not all was lost. The boys did not sell all the copies of the flexi during the tour, and had a small handful left over to be sold at A389. 

And here it is!

On this release, Pulling Teeth do a fine cover of Rorschach's Lightning Strikes Twice (which you may or may not have been able to tell from the clever artwork). Both of the versions (clear and black) were out of 125, so my decision on which to get was purely on which colour I would prefer. I opted for the clear, pretty much because I did not currently own a clear flexi. I got number 54/250, although its a bit difficult to see because a blank vivid was used on the black sleeve.

Upon playing this I knew it would be the last new Pulling Teeth material I ever heard, so was hoping for something spectacular. It didn't disappoint.

Gehenna - Negotium Perambulans In Tenebris 12"

A consequat harenas igneus, venite in gehennam.

If anybody actually knows any Latin, forgive me as that is probably an incredibly poor translation. You can blame google.
This is the first official full length LP from Gehenna, released in 2000. I missed out on the few copies A389 were selling a wee shile back, but was lucky enough to pick up this from Ebay. I actually had already purchased this from another member, but the storage placeexperienced water damage and so I was refunded. I checked ebay the next day, and another member had this copy listed for a fixed price, so I snapped it up very quickly. 
 This is a very simple release. As you can see, the cover is plain black with gehenna and the album title printed on. The record is also plain black, with no labels on inscriptions on the vinyl.
The insert has a picture of the artwork from the CD version of the album. On the reverse side is the lyrics sheet. It contains lyrics for the songs except the last one, a G.G. cover. Instead of lyrics it simply says "if you want the lyrics go buy a G.G. record and quit being a fuckin' poser!"

Integrity - Detonate VVorld's Plague 12"

I've decided to break the chronological order of my Integrity records here, seeing as I already had the photo of this ready to use. This is the latest Integrity release, Detonate VVorld's Plague . This release contains all new Integrity tracks, except for +ORRchida which saw debut on the 7.17 compilation (which is one of their best songs to date). 
There were a couple of versions released for this record, which were available from a few places. The version I have was distributed by Hellfish family
As you can undoubtedly see this is the yellow version of the record, and is out of 100. The photo above makes the colour look quite a light yellow, but the one below shows a better representation of the true colour, and it also shows there are a few blackish colours swirled in there as well.
In the photo below I've included a picture of the lyrics sheet. This features the same artwork as seen on the cover of the CD "Theem DestroyORR" on the front, with the lyrics on the reverse side. 
This version came as part of a package deal with a sweet t-shirt. 
To me it seems the shirt would have better suited to be part of a package with the CD "Thee DestroyORR", as it contains the artwork on the back, and the name on the front underneath the Integrity skull. But what do I know right?
If I had to find one fault with this record, it would have to be the noise track "VVe Have Helped Others Escape". To be honest, I really just don't "get" the point of noise tracks. It doesn't bother me too much though, every other song on this record is purely amazing.
All of these songs are available on the Cd I mentioned earlier, and it is still cheap as to buy. So what excuse do you have to not own a copy of this?
UPDATE: And this is now fully available for download on the HT vvebsite.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Blind To Faith - The Seven Fat Years Are Over 12"

Here we have the debut LP from Blind To Faith. This is a raw 8-track masterpiece from Holy Terror that was allegedly written and recorded in just under three days. Stats like that really show the talent that this band has. 

I was late picking this up, so was not able to get the clear version. Nevertheless, I am completely satisfied with the black. I actually have two copies of this record now. I ordered this copy from holy terror at the same time as I ordered a package from A389, for which postage was pretty horrendous. Dom was kind enough to throw in a couple of goodies for me, and this was one of them. Strangely enough, that copy didn't have a cover.

This cover is a jumble of various images, as you can see below. What you can't really see is that band logo (on the vinyl label) is also printed in invisible ink, which only reveals itself on certain angles. Curiously, the record has been reverse mastered, so it plays from the inside out. It's a nice little touch making the record a bit different.

The rear cover in plain black with the Holy Terror logo printed and (you guessed it) the song titles printed in invisible ink. I did try to show this in the photo, but once again I have not succeeded all too well.
Inside the sleeve is this great patch complementing the centre labels, and hidden picture on the front of the record.

This is up for free download on the Holy Terror vvebsite. You need to hear this.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Pulling Teeth - 2005 Demo 7" Flexi

Way back in 2005 (almost 7 years ago now!), members of Slumlords created a side-project called Pulling Teeth. This side-project wrote and recorded a 3-song demo. It may be a tad crude, but it clearly shows the talent the band had in their early stages. All three of these songs would eventually be re-recorded for their first full release - Vicious Skin.

It was interesting to receive this along-side the magnus opus of Pulling Teeth. The demo showed the band in its raw beginning, which was clearly more straight-up hardcore punk. It also showed just how much the band had progressed over their 6 active years.
I think flexis are a really neat format, and this release is no exception. With this, what you see is what you get. It is plain black with the cover picture printed in the middle. The rear side of the cover simply has the track names and lyrics. Nothing flash, but it does the job nicely.

Kinghorse - S/T 12"

This LP is from a band called Kinghorse. They were a relatively short lived band from the late 80's and early 90's.
As you may (or may not) have guessed, the artwork was created by Pushead. That alone was almost enough to make me want to buy this record. Being produced by Danzig pretty much sealed the deal.
I'm not going to lie here, this record is not outstanding. It will not blow you away, but it is still good to listen to here and there. You can't get enough of looking at that artwork anyway.
The back cover simply is a picture of the band members looking quite deranged. Seriously, their eyes are almost popping out of their skulls.  One of the band members is wearing a Bad Brains shirt, although sadly it is for the album Quickness which I just plain don't like.
And by special request I have attempted to scan a version of the artwork. Obviously the cover is larger than my scanner, so I've had to do it in several pieces and stitch them together. It's kinda obvious where the merge is, but this is probably the best I can do.

Gravehill - Practitioners Of Fell Sorcery 12"

Don't you just love the colour of this record? Apparently the colour is called oxblood, a perfect fitting name me thinks. What is even better is that it really matches the colour of the cover!
That photo isn't the greatest, perhaps there was too much light. Oh well, you get the idea.

This is yet another stellar release from A389, Gravehill. This band features members of Gehenna and Devil/Penetration Panthers, playing classic death metal. The tracks on this record were actually recorded in 2002, but was only recently released on vinyl.

The rear side of the cover is the same dark red and contains lyrics to all of the songs except the last,  "The Internal Oath". Instead this simply reads "lyrics unavailable, hail Satan". Even upon listening to this track it is hard to decipher the lyrics, although it is one wicked song.

A389 offer no digital download for this release, although I'm pretty sure you can find one on Mike Apocalypse's blog somewhere.

Integrity - Systems Overload 12"

Seeing as "Those Who Fear Tomorrow" was my first Integrity post, I think it is only fitting that this be my second.
Systems Overload is the second LP from Integrity. In my opinion it is a wee bit better than the first LP. It seems rawer, heavier and is ridiculously fast.
I won this puppy on Ebay a while ago for a fair price. The bottom left corner is a  tad worn, but its not in bad nick seeing as its from '95.
I wasn't lucky enough to get any special versions of this record, just plain 'ol black for me. I aint complaining though, I'm lucky enough to have any version of this record. And besides, there is something about black vinyl that just looks so damn sleek.
This also came with the original insert, which features a picture of a skeleton on the front, and the lyrics sheet on the back.
I wonder if OCR will be giving this the re-release treatment like they have with other Integrity releases. I'm sure that would be nothing short of amazing.

Pulling Teeth - Funerary 12"

Funerary is another great album released by Pulling Teeth. With the sad news that the band are calling it quits, it serves as their last proper release.

The first half of the album is exactly what you would expect from listening to previous Pulling Teeth releases. It's loud, angry, and oh so fast. However, its the second half of the album where things get interesting. The track "Funerary" sets a new direction for the record, one that is much slower and heavier. Although this song lasts for just over 10 minutes, it still certainly leaves you wanting more. My favourite song on the album is "At Peace", it would make a great eulogy.
The artwork is very typical of a Pulling Teeth release; flying boys and lots of snake-esque creatures.

This version was the Japanese edition, and as such came with an OBI strip. Furthermore, this came along with a bonus copy of their 2005 demo flexi, which I'll show in another post.
Surprisingly, it did not have the usual A389 label, although I guess this is because it is a foreign edition. The package also came with an insert containing more artwork, with lyrics on the back.

To my surprise the whole album is streaming online via bandcamp, enjoy!

Kromosom - 8 Tracks 12"

Here we have the debut LP from Kromosom, a band across the Tasman. I get a bit sick of genres, but I guess this is best described as noise punk. Whatever you call it, its awesome as. Since hearing their demo tape (which I do have a copy of now) I was keen to track down their LP.

This is the first press, which apparently the band rushed to produce to be ready for their tour and so is not quite mixed as well as they wanted it to be. They have the newly mixed versions of their songs on their facebook page, it is worth checking them out.
The record contains most of the songs released on the demo tape. They have all been re-recorded due to line-up changes since the demo's release.

I really love the artwork of this record. Too bad I couldn't get the pink version of the vinyl, it would have matched the cover nicely.

Pale Creation - Twilight Haunt 12"

This album first saw light in late '99 on East Coast Empire records. Back then it was only released on CD, and was more recently put up for free download on the Holy Terror vvebsite.
It was only recently (about a month ago) that this piece of art got the vinyl treatment. A389 have run a limited pressing of only 250 copies and once again, they have done a great job on this re-release. The colour of the vinyl is outstanding, I could have taken photos of that blue/black splatter all day. Sadly I did have other things to do.
 The release also comes with an insert containing never before seen photos and lyrics. I did plan to include a photo, but it was so blurry that I decided against it. I may do so eventually.

And look at that, now I finally have.

I also really love the artwork on this record. The creature on the front cover looks as though he is staring straight into my soul, and seems to visually represent the music perfectly.

I'm pretty sure there are still a few copies available, so head on over to A389. You know you wanna...

Integrity - Those Who Fear Tomorrow 12"

 I thought I'd start my first of many Integrity posts with the LP that started it all; Those Who Fear Tomorrow. From the get-go this album is awesome, there is never a point that you wish to skip throughout the entirety of the record. I could go on about this, but I'd only be repeating what countless others have said about this record previously.

This version is the repress issued by Organized Crime Records in 2010. The guys there have really done a great job on the packaging of this reissue.
This is the red version out of 680 copies. I think it looks more pink that red, I guess I'd also need a copy of the pink to compare it to.
The record comes in a gatefold cover with a great illustration on the left-hand side, which matches the style of the vinyl labels. On the right side is the lyrics sheet. My camera didn't pick it up very well, but this side also has an integrity skull printed in invisible ink, which seems to be standard for HT releases these days. I think if you really look you can just about see it in my photo.
This is the back cover of the record. Invisible ink has been used again, revealing the track-listing. 

Roses Never Fade - Fade To Black 12"

Roses Never Fade is one of my current favourite bands, and are quite interesting. It comprises members Integrity, Vegas and Pale Creation, yet the material is nothing short of dark folk. What is truly great about this record is the way they have managed to create such a heavy sound without any volume.

This release is the band version on yellow vinyl, limited to 100 copies. I really like the colour of this record, as it clearly fits well with the album cover.
This release also came with an insert with a picture of what I can only assume is a dead rat. On the reverse side is the lyrics sheet which also includes a couple of short stories written by Dwid himself.

Pulling Teeth - Paranoid Delusions/Paradise Illusions 12" UPDATED

This is probably my favourite record that I own. Not only are the songs fantastic, but the band has put so much effort into the packaging. I'll start off with the cover; it is a really choice hologram of two images.

I have tried to show this in the photos, it turned out okay. If I get round to it, I'll post a video showing it better.
The vinyl itself also looks great. It was initially released in two colours, red splatter (for paranoid delusions) and green splatter (paradise illusions). I acquired this well after the initial pressing, but was lucky enough to spot 3 left on the A389 webstore a while ago that were going for waaaay cheaper than on ebay. I think the colour was picked at random, and I got the green version.
On the floor this actually looks black, but you can see the colour better when it is held up to the light.

Finally, the last impressive piece of the package was the massive poster included. I've taken a picture next to the record for comparison.

So yeah, all in all I'm very pleased to own a copy of this.

UPDATE: And here is a video of the awesome hologram.

Descendents - Bonus Fat 12"

What can I say about this band that hasn't been said many times before? Probably not much, so I'll try keep it short.

If you don't know who they are, please proceed to close your browser now. The descendents are the undisputed kings of pop punk, and I have loved them for many years now. One summer's day while purveying the local RealGroovy store I came across this. This release includes the descendents' first two releases - the Fat EP on side A, and the "Ride The Wild/It's A Hectic World" 7" on side B. While side B is good, it doesn't have the flare the Milo brings to the table in side A as well as the later releases.

The cover picture for this does such a great job of summing up the word "fat". The burger just looks so nasty and greasy.

There is nothing fancy here, just plain black vinyl with a green label that has a caricature of each of the band members. It's in a simple cover with the lyrics printed on the back.

Gehenna - The War Of The Sons Of Light And The Suns Of Darkness 12"

Have you ever had a band that you didn't like when you first heard them, but later grew to love? For me, Gehenna fits this description perfectly.

Before I even started buying vinyl, I found a little label called A389 records. At the time I knew nothing about them, but I saw they were offering a special deal on all of their digital downloads. It was pretty cheap, so I decided to give it a try. One of the albums included was this album right here. I had not heard of Gehenna at the time, and was not adequately prepared for the audial assault that emerged from my speakers. For some stupid reason I decided it was just too much, and filed it under the 'dislike' section in my mental music library. However, after subsequent listens it began to grow on me. As I have grown in my vvisdom, I now love this album, as well as pretty much anything this band releases.

Anyway, on to the actual record. This is the first pressing of the repress (if that makes sense) released by A389. It encompasses Gehenna's early releases and demos, as well as a couple of previously unreleased tracks.
It is printed on a swirl of grey and red vinyl. Personally, I think pure red would have looked more slick, but the end result still looks pretty great.

The record comes in a gatefold cover, which I know is disliked by some, but I think they are neat. It features some amazing artwork inside, as well as the lyrics to the songs.

Anne Dream Punx 12"

 I first heard Anne on the 2011 A389 records sampler. The song instantly grabbed my attention, as it was so different to anything else released by the label. Instead of the usual metallic punk/hardcore, this sounded much softer, almost dream-like.

After some internet searching I came across their website and found they had already released two demos that were up for download, which sounded great. After patiently waiting, Dom at A389 announced he was going to release a full length LP from Anne on November 28. Naturally, I saved the date in my memory and snapped up this goodie as soon as it was released.
This bad boy is printed on purple/white vinyl. I think it looks amazing, and really fits well with the cover picture.
You can order this from Anne directly on their bigcartel, or from A389 where you can also just get the digital download, if that is more your thing.

First post matters

I'm using this to log the music I obtain over the years, as a form of diary. For a while I'll be catching up on everything I have so far, which ought to take a wee while. From then on I'll be posting about new items I collect. There is something wrong with my camera, so the photos tend to have a black spot on the left somewhere. It'll probably get fixed eventually.