Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Way To Light - The Sun's Ascent

Writing this blog has really had it's advantages. Not only does it give me a chance to document and share music I've managed to get hold of, but it has also opened the path to new music. A perfect example is this, "The Sun's Ascent" from The Way to Light. I hadn't heard of this project until I got a message in my inbox asking me to give it a bit of a listen. Sometimes I've been contacted about stuff that I'm really not into, but this was not one of those times....
The Way to Light rises from the ashes of Botfly, although from listening to it you would never have guessed. In fact you'd be hard pressed to find many similarities between the two projects. Whereas Botfly played metallic hardcore, the guitarist Austin has crafted three acoustic tracks that I can only describe as hauntingly beautiful.

Each track progressively builds up layer upon layer of different sounds and tones, creating a truly mind-altering experience. It is really quite amazing the level of atmosphere that is set from drones and noises, but the guitar work is what has really captured me. It is so soft, yet manages to portray such a mosaic of beauty and sadness that resonates right through your mind. These, coupled with perfectly whispered vocals, produce something really quite special.

This is soon to be released by striVVe recordings as part of a special double cassette with their earlier EP, "That Place Now Forgotten". I'm sure that will be incredibly limited, so keep your eyes peeled if you like what you hear down below.

As an aside, this project is intimately linked with Roses Never Fade, who have somewhat recently released a new track. I hear there may be a new LP in the works, so be sure to get very excited for that.

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