Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Bouncing Souls - Green Ball Crew 12" EP

All the way back in 1993, a small band called The Bouncing Souls released their second EP, The Green Ball Crew EP. This was produced as 1,000 CDs that sold out within a year. Of course today The Bouncing Souls have claimed their own place in the modern Punk world, and with most bands that gain some sort of popularity, their early material becomes a sought-after commodity. The CDs pop up all over the place ever so often and sell for quite a hefty price. Thankfully, 20 years after the initial release the EP has received the final treatment! 
The EP consists of 7 tracks, that are very different to the Bouncing Souls on the album that got me into that band "How I Spend My Summer Vacation". Unsurprisingly it is musically quite similar to "The Good, The Bad and the Argyle", which again is very different to the sound the band evolved into in the late 90s. In all honesty it is far from my favourite material from the band, but then again the band was still really in its infancy.

Two versions were pressed of this record, in quantities limited to the number purchased in the month or so that sales were available through the Chunksaah website. In total, 1,000 copies were pressed (much like the CD funnily enough), with 150 on black and 850 on green. It is unusual for the coloured version to be the less limited of the two, but I guess most people would have opted for the coloured version when purchasing. I know I sure did.
The green looks fantastic too. The pictures don't actually portray what the colour actually looks like in real life. It is definitely transparent, but is closer to the colour of the sleeve than what you can see here.
The inner sleeve is quite cool for this record. Instead of being a plain paper dust sleeve, it is a combination of the insert and sleeve. One side has a particularly cool piece about the Green Ball Crew. It is a little hard to read, but you can just about make it out below. On the rear of the outer sleeve is a pretty cool photo of the crew.

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