Saturday, 14 June 2014

Integrity - Burning Flesh Children To Mist Tape

Originally a track on the Seasons in the Size of Days CD, this rather bizarre Integrity track has recently been released on cassette, thanks to Bezerker records. Only a couple of Integrity recordings have made their way onto this format, so I was keen to pick it up when I heard about it's release. 
This definitely hits the more experimental end of the Integrity spectrum, featuring a recording of Jim Jones on the day of their mass suicide accompanied by a range of small sound effects. It's really quite creepy to listen to, but then again that is probably half the point. 
The tape packaging is quite standard, but being from such a small label it is almost unfair to expect any more. The artwork folds out to include a picture of Jim Jones and a rather cartoony skeleton image.The actual tape is a standard black cassette with the classic early Integirty logo pasted on the top. Mine also came with a Bezerker records button which was a nice touch.
Overall only 100 copies were produced, which is quite limited compared to some of the band's other releases.
The tape did take a little while to arrive, so the guy form the label also included a separate tape from a band called Ripsnorter to make up for it. I've never heard of them before, but here they pose as "The Ripfits", playing 13 classic Misfits covers. They aren't all that bad either.

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