Friday, 10 October 2014

VVegas / Moutheater split 7" part III

Here I am with another VVegas record, albeit it only partially counts as a new record really. I have previously written about this particular 7" twice already know, but here I am back again with a third colour variant.
This particular variant is a little more special as it also features an alternate cover. The other two version were a grey/black swirl and clear red with some fantastic artwork designed by Dwid Hellion. This time around I've myself the pre-order version on clear yellow with (if I must be honest) somewhat less appealing artwork.
As far as I can tell 100 copies of this variant were pressed, although others I have seen were numbered on the cover and centre label.....
In terms of regular variants (not test-presses), that is all the colour variants this wee 7" came in. I can't see me ever really wanting to get this kind of set for a huge number of records, but for certain special ones it can be quite fun trying to hunt down all the versions. They do look pretty cool next to each other too.
As a bit of a follow up form last week, listen to how VVegas has progressed from their most recent 7" to this -

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