Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Beast as God - S/T Tape

One of the benefits of having this blog is being sent new music to listen by readers. Sometimes I receive stuff that I'm not that into, but then there are times when the band becomes my new favourite band. This is exactly what happened with Beast as God. I had heard a few things about the band around the internet, but foolishly never took the time to give them a listen. When I got an email from the band I decided to make the time, and I'm very glad I did. 
Beast as God are a relatively new metallic hardcore band out of Nottingham in the UK, and a band who have managed to release a killer first tape. It contains four songs, totalling just over 13 minutes, that are the perfect blend of super fast hardcore, riffs that stay in your head for days and vocals that sound just like the end of the world. 
 A small label called Viral Age put out this release somewhere back in November, and have also managed to do a pretty nice job with the packaging. Each tape is metallic red, and comes with the awesome artwork you see above. Inside their is also a lyrics sheet with a picture of two cyclopic wolfs. The tape is limited to just 100 copies, although on their FB page I can see a special limited edition of 13 with a cover paying homage to GISM.

The photo quality isn't the best there I'm afraid, my camera decided to start playing up so I've had to resort to my phone camera.
Overall it is a great EP. I think this is really going one of the bands to watch over the coming time. For now, wet your whistle with this.

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