Friday, 17 January 2014

Rot in Hell / Psywarfare split 12"

I'm always excited for new records to arrive at my doorstep, but there are some releases that surpass all others in terms of anticipation. These may be ones that have been lingering in the land of rumour for some time, or ones that you without a doubt know are going to be worth their weight in gold when their tracks first make their way into your ear drums. In this case, it is certainly both.
 Rot in Hell have done it again with an absolutely stellar split 12". If that wasn't enough excitement for you, the other side of the split comes from a band that arises back from the dead after (almost) 14 years, Psywarfare. It is a combination that offers a little strange, but definitely FANtastic record.

Rot in Hell play three new acoustic tracks, "Parthogenesis", "Theodolite and Pendulum" and "Poetry of Worms". At times I feel the acoustic tracks are where Rot in Hell really shine, and these have affirmed that belief for me. In fact, I think that Parthogenesis is probably the best track by the band thus far. The guitar is incredibly ominous and has the perfect blend of POIs singing and Lecky's screamed vocals. It sends shivers down my spine.

 Psywarfare is of course something entirely different again. For anyone who has heard Psywarfare before, you will at least be prepared for the audial onslaught that this side bestoys upon you. For those you have not, be warned. To give those an idea of what to expect, the project is the harsh electronic brain child of Dwid Hellion. Supposedly comprising of four tracks (1 new and 3 unreleased from the 90s), this side takes you through a journey of intense static noise, voice samples, bass, distorted screams and all other kinds of noises you could possibly imagine. The name of the project says it all really.
 The packaging for this release is also top-notch. Both of the bands have artwork that take up one side of the cover. My favourite of the two though is the classic Psywarfare figure. It is as if this character jumps right out of the record grooves to destroy your brain.
Two colour variants of the record are (currently) in existence, white and clear. I opted for the white, and it turned out great. A pet hate of mine is when a bit of black gets smeared into the white from the standard version, but this is incredibly clean and looks great. I'm not sure how many of these were pressed, but they are currently available from the bands directly or through the Deathwish E-store. Strangely, this is Magic Bullet records release, but I am yet to see it for sale from them. At any rate, I doubt these will stick around for too long.
If you dare, the Psywarfare side is up for streaming and download on the Holy Terror bandcamp page. 
If you also have a look here, you might just find a couple of the RIH tracks too...

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  1. I ordered two clear colored copies in USA and got three LP's in the mail from Belgium... From which a white vinyl. I was very pleasantly surprised. Anyway music wise you could'nt have described it better. Although I find solace and shelter in these RIH tracks also when I listen to them.