Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Bellicose Minds - The Spine 12"

Most of the records I get, and post here, tend to be on the metallic hardcore side of the music spectrum. That's not too say that's all that I'm into, and this release is a perfect example of something a bit different to my usual records. 
Although now signed to A389, the best way to describe The Bellicose Minds would probably be as a slightly darker and twisted version of Joy Division. Whatever you want to call it, it is bloody good stuff. Overall the album has 11 songs, that together just reach over 34 minutes.

From what I can find online, there are two versions of this record released. The first is what my copy is, the black pressing released by Sabotage records in Germany, and Black Water records in the US. This version comes with everything you see in the photos, especially the black cover with the brain and spine photo. However black water also released a more limited white version of the records, which was pressed in 200 copies. This features an additional silk screened cover, which does really look quite a bit cooler. I especially prefer the rear cover on the limited version featuring the vertebrae.
Inside the sleeve comes a nice insert with the song lyrics on one side, and a cartoony graveyard picture on the back.

These guys have also just (pre) released a 10" with A389 records. This is actually a vinyl re-release of some previous tracks, but it sure to be good.

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