Thursday, 12 January 2012

Integrity / Creepout split 7"

I have only got into collecting records relatively recently. I saw that so many awesome releases were available only to vinyl owners, and grew tired of not being able to listen to them. This (along with VValpurgisnahct) was the first record that I bought. It actually arrived before I had gotten round to buying myself a turntable. 
I had seen the artwork on the internet already, but it seemed so much better sitting in my hands. Plus I hadn't yet seen the reverse side...
I basically chose this version because of the blue vinyl. I reckoned the clear blue would look pretty choice, and i was not wrong.
Inside the cover are lyrics, which I was pleased were included. I already had a digital copy of Integrity side, but was curious to what the lyrics actually were. 
 What I hadn't heard yet was the Creepout side. This was surprisingly good for a band I knew nothing about. It is basically just a Japanese band playing very Integrity inspired songs, but what is wrong with that? What was interesting though, is that on the lyrics for this side have a small piece blacked out with a vivid. I can still make the lyrics out under light, but I'm not sure why they have been erased. 

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