Sunday, 15 January 2012

Pulling Teeth - Vicious Skin 10"

I experienced Pulling Teeth's albums in a less than linear order. I believe the first was "Paradise Illusions", which I ordered on CD from Deathwish. In a kind of strange fashion the first album released by this band, was the last I would receive and listen to. It seems a bit strange to do it this way, as it almost seems like they have been progressing backwards. 
This released contains all new versions of the songs on the 2005 demo as well 8 new songs. 

The artwork is very Pulling Teeth. I'm glad to see that they have kept an aesthetic theme across their albums. This seems a bit more basic than later releases and really show how far the creativity of the band progressed.
This is the 2nd press of this album on clear vinyl, and in a 10" gatefold cover. Inside the cover we have the lyrics to all the songs and the Pulling Teeth logo.
On the reverse side of the cover we have the track names and some rather menacing looking characters.
So all in all, the first Pulling Teeth release showcases the early beginnings of the band. It may not be as great as the later material, but is still miles beyond 99% of the bands out there today.

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