Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Unholy Majesty - 2011 demo tape

I'm starting off the first of my tape posts with this, the Unholy Majesty demo. Unholy Majesty is a relatively new band from the UK, and play HC in the vein of Integrity and Rot In Hell. In simple words, this demo is amazing. It is not often that a demo tape gets everything just perfect, but these guys really have managed to pull off perfection. 
I heard about this demo a wee while after it was released on Hemlock Thirteen, and so sadly the tape had already sold out. For some reason I decided to check the website again a few days later. It was lucky that I did, because a couple of spare copies of the tape were put back on the site for sale. I knew these wouldn't last long, so I bought it as soon as I could.

When I received the tape in the mail, I originally thought it was a blank. The tape is plain white, with no writing or stickers on it, and it wouldn't play on my deck. I feel stupid now, but I later found it was wound back too much, so was simply stopping playback. With a little ingenious finger winding I was able to get this to play. Boy was I glad.

The artwork really portraits the apocalyptic visions of this band, as present in the lyrics.
 This also came with a patch from H13. I didn't actually have any use for this at the time, but it was still a nice bonus to receive.
Dom at A389 had the same reaction to this demo, and has decided it was worthy to receive the vinyl treatment. It'll be released any time now, so keep your eyes peeled for any info. 

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