Friday, 27 January 2012

Rot In Hell/ Moloch split 7"

Seeing as this is the last Rot In Hell release with the original line-up (going by when it was recorded, not released), I thought I'd start things off with a kind of group photo. 
Look at all the gang, they look so happy together.

Like I just said, this is the last Rot In Hell release still featuring the original vocalist, and what a record to go out on. The one song encompasses every aspect of Rot In Hell that make them so good, and I'd say this is probably the most vicious sounding song the band has released to date. "Cauldron Born" starts off by showing the band's diverse talent. The first minute is a sombre acoustic intro that slowly builds up to what they unleash next. The rest of the song is pure acoustic violence. It fast, its heavy and its oh so angry. Beautiful. The B-side contains one track from the band, Moloch. They provide quite a contrast to the blistering speed of RIH, and play a slow sludgy number. I must say, I did enjoy what they brought to the table.

What also makes this release so special is amount of detail the guys have put in. The cover features a death potrait, which appears very similar to a particular LP released last year. 
Everything was printed using some ancient letter press, and the inserts were all tea stained by hand. This features the lyrics to both of this smashing songs.
To top it off, the red vinyl just looks amazing.
This was originally sold at RIH's last (original line-up) show, but the leftover copies were put up on their online store. Two versions were available, red and black. The red was more limited, out of 100, and looked way nicer, so I was quick to purchase one. I knew they wouldn't last long. 

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