Monday, 30 January 2012

Broken Cross - New World Solider Tape

This is probably just about the most D.I.Y. release I currently own, and I just love it. Broken Cross is a new one-man band from the Nordic territory. This guy has some real talent, and in his own words was influenced heavily by Integrity and G.I.S.M. At times this is really obvious, but there is nothing wrong with Integrity worship in my books. 

The Integ influences are even pretty noticeable on the artwork, which seems to be home-printed on just regular paper. Take a look at the band logo, does the font look familiar at all? A certain 4P design is also visible on the helmet of the soldier.
Inside the tape box is the lyrics sheet. I don't think the printer was exactly the best quality because these are a tad hard to read. They certainly are good lyrics though.
They were also nice enough to send me this wee button free of charge. A nice bonus.
The tape almost appears to be a re-used one. You can see something peeking through on the bottom right hand corner of the label. I'm interested to see if I'm right, but I really don't wanna wreck the tape.
So yeah, this thing is homemade as. But you know what? I think that really adds to the Broken Cross experience. It really is just one guy doing what he loves doing without the constraints of anyone else. That to me is true art. Hopefully I'll be seeing more from Broken Cross before the end of days.

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