Friday, 20 January 2012

Devil - Live Entry tape

"Live Entry" is the first release by Devil; a band featuring members of Gehenna, Penetration Panthers as well as s few others. It first appeared as a super limited (41 copies if my memory serves me right) 7" lathe cut record released by Vedavu records. As to be expected, these were gone within days. A little while later, it was re-incarnated as a cassette which contained an additional track. This time 100 copies were produced, so it was still a ridiculously rare gem. A while later still, and Vedavu released a second version on tape with alternate artwork. This is said version.

"Live Entry" is probably just about the most ferocious and raw thing you will ever hear. The production is gritty, but the three tracks are ridiculously good.

Inside the cassette box, the artwork looks like this. Its a close up of a tormented face with the "Devil" logo on top.
 However, when the box is opened we can see just how amazing the artwork and package really is. The red strip over the artwork is actually an OBI strip, which once removed unleashes the true six fold artwork. The detail of the face is simply amazing, and everything just looks so clean.
 On the reverse side we have the lyrics as well as some more fantastic artwork. The colour palette used in this release fits the music perfectly, it paints a picture of the fiery depths of hell.
 Fitting in with the hellish theme, the cassette itself is on yellow stock. 
 Of course being a Vedavu release, you would be expecting some kind of extras. Along with the tape I also received this neat button on the front artwork. 
 Some Vedavu cards were also packaged in with the button, these aren't really specific to the release though.
So, once again Vedavu have been spot on with this, the whole package is really of the highest quality.

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