Friday, 20 January 2012

Integrity / Hatebreed split 7"

This split is a bit of a peculiar one. Apart from being on victory records at the same time, Integrity and Hatebreed don't really have anything in common. This reflected in the songs; the Integrity side is as powerful as usual, and the Hatebreed side is rather lackluster. Seeing this, I won't really be saying anymore about the Hatebreed side, this is basically just an Integrity record to me.
The track offered by Integrity is "B.A.T.F Would Be Proud". This is a newer version of the track "ATF Assault" that was released on the split with the Kids Of Whitney High. I guess they changed the name as "ATF Assault" in the album "Seasons In The Size Of Days" is a completely different song altogether. EDIT: See comments. (This was actually a re-recording of "All Is Lost" from The Compialtion For Atonement 7"). At the end of the song is a lock-groove which plays some backwards sounding vocals.

The cover artwork looks good for this split, it features a very cruel looking war scene. Although, as a certain "anonymous" person has mentioned, it is rather different from the usual Integrity artwork. Look at the Integrity band logo for instance, that style is pretty unique to this record. Perhaps some evil doings were afoot? 
I actually have two copies of this split; black and green. I acquired both through Ebay, albeit at different times.
 I bought the black by itself. It was going pretty cheap and I didn't have a copy of this record at all yet, so decided to buy it. 
The green was acquired through a different Ebay auction, where I bought a lot of about 5 Integrity records. I wasn't really fussed on getting another copy of this, although it does look a lot more interesting on the green vinyl. 
The green version was a lot more complete than the black; it came with an inner sleeve and the original insert. The insert is a bit strange, the aspect of the Integrity skull is completely wrong.
The reverse of the cover still had the original price that it was bought for. Coincidentally, this wasn't much more than what I paid for it many years later.


  1. rumour has it that Integrity never received any copies of this record from Stillborn/Jamey Hatebreed and that the clearly wrong labelled song titles and non-integrity looking artwork was also courtesy of Stillborn/Jamey Hatebreed. I also have no idea why Integrity would have agreed to do this split (or if they even knew it was being released!)

    1. Now that someone has mentioned it, I do remember hearing this somewhere or another. It certainly makes a lot of sense, I could never quite get my head around how this split came to fruition.