Thursday, 12 January 2012

Kill Life / 33 Split 7"

At the time of buying this record, both of the bands were new to me. I had heard snippets of Kill Life's material and found it interesting. The band is somewhat a mystery, the members are rumoured to be from bands such as Integrity, Pulling Teeth and Crass. It is pretty obvious Dwid does the vocals on this record, so I guess at least one of those rumours is correct. On the other hand, I knew absolutely zilch about 33. Musically, my highlight of the record is "Chimpanzee Eats Friend". Its probably not quite what you'd expect it to be.

I originally ordered this directly from the band via their online store. For ages I heard nothing, until one day I got an email from paypal saying my payment had been refunded because it was rejected or something. I followed this up with an email enquiry. Apparently, a man who shall remain anonymous was "detained against his liberty" and was not able to complete the order. I decided to then purchase it from a distro, as it was likely going to be more reliable.

The artwork is a bit of a mystery too for this one. It appears to be a picture of two people tied to posts, possibly to be burnt alive, although they have snake heads instead of people heads. Whoever created such an image probably needed to up their photoshop skills, the original heads are a bit visible underneath the snake heads. 
 On the 33 side, the artwork is a bit more straightforward. I'm still a tad confused as to what it is meant to be, but at least it has some nice colours i suppose. 
This release is on purple vinyl out of 500. On the 33 side, the label is simply the same picture as their artwork. On the Kill Life side, there is a picture of a ribcage. If you have a look at the official Kill Life site, you'll find more of the same, just watch out for the shark(.mp3).

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  1. the singer for 33 is none other than the new TURBONEGRO vocalist Tony!