Friday, 13 January 2012

Rot In Hell - Sins Of Malice 7"

 If I'm correct, this is the first proper release by the almighty Rot In Hell. This features three songs, that later become encompassed in the "Hallways Of The Always" album. Other bands can learn a lot from Rot In Hell and this release, this is definitely how you should start off your first EP. Both the packaging and songs are top-notch.

This record has a unique way of opening. Instead of being a simple jacket, the process logo opens up like a packing box.
Once inside the process logo we are treated to an insert featuring some skulls and the face of Robert DeGrimston. On the reverse side we have the lyrics sheet. They are all there, but the font is so difficult to read.

The dust jacket has also been customised on this release. One of the sides is hand numbered, and mine is 53/219. I have no idea why 219 were made, it seems an odd number to me.
On the other side we have the process logo spray painted on.
The record is on plain black vinyl, which I think works great for this EP. The centre label is a hypnotic swirl, especially when it is being played! The other side of the record contains no songs, but has another picture of DeGrimston with "Sins Of Malice" inscribed on it. 
So as you see this is pretty awesome, especially for a demo release.

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