Saturday, 21 January 2012

Integrity / Psywarfare split 7"

 Lets face it, Integrity is pretty much Dwid, and Psywarfare is all Dwid. This makes this record basically a Dwid/Dwid split. 
Musically, this is not my favourite Integrity split. The first track "Sarin" is an early recording of a song on "Seasons In the Size Of Days". While this all of course great, the rest of the tracks on here are experimental noise tracks. I'm not saying these are bad, they are just not really to my taste.

There is no cover artwork this time, instead we have this awesome picture disc. 
The reverse side of the record is the Psywarfare side. In keeping with the obscurity of this band, the artwork is pretty mysterious. It appears to be a guy in the woods, although I honestly can't say for sure.
The plastic outer sleeve contains a nice little surprise addition. I kinda want to try this to see what does happen.
The insert contains a bit of information about the recording, lyrics to "Sarin' a long thank you list (featuring the mysterio Jack Abernathy) and a few lines accompanying "Learn How To Die". Right down the bottom there is information about obtaining some work by the HT church. Seeing as this was released ages ago this probably no longer gets you anything.
The reverse of the insert has a lot less going on. I love how these email addresses are all for, such a 90's feel.

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