Sunday, 20 April 2014

Septic Death - Now That I Have The Attention What Do I Do With It?

I had originally meant to post about this record just under a year ago. Even then it had been on my list for a while, and after some time I decided to actively look online to find myself a copy. Turns out there are lots of copies for sale around the place, ranging in price and authenticity. I did manage to find a copy that met my needs and placed my order. Unfortunately this copy never arrived, I'm not sure what happened to the trader but it seemed they suddenly received a lot of negative feedback regarding undelivered packages. These things happen sometimes, and I'll never learn what really happened there. 
For a while I laid off purchasing another copy, until a few weeks ago when my interest peeked once again. This time I found a similarly good deal and it did actually arrive! 
This album was released back in 1986 and is somewhat of a compilation from previous EPs and tracks from various other compilations. It contains 18 tracks of some of strangest and unusual hardcore tracks, that is utterly fantastic. One of the things I love about Septic Death is how they transition from medium paces to the absolute insane in an instant, and these tracks showcase that so well.
Since their release in the mid 80s, Septic Death records have inspired a vast number of bootlegs, and this record is no exception. From what I have been able to gather, the original record was released in the US and UK in '86, and then in Japan in '87. A German label has since released an unofficial bootleg back in 2009 featuring both a red and a blue colour vinyl. I really wanted to try and get an original copy, and to the best of my knowledge I have been able to do that.
Mine is obviously an older copy, but it has been taken care of extremely well. Aside from the slightest of outer sleeve wear, the record may as well be brand new!
It has even come with the original inner sleeve that has all the lyrics printed on it.

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