Saturday, 12 April 2014

Rot in Hell / Wayfarer split 7" - 2.0

Back in 2010, Rot in Hell released an amazing split 7" with another UK band, Wayfarer. I have already picked up a copy of the more standard grey version, which I posted about a while ago. I knew several different quite interesting versions existed out there, but at the time that was all I could get my hands on. But then a few weeks ago I was browsing discogs and noticed one of the special versions up for sale. Before anyone else could grab it I put in my order, I didn't want it to get away!
This is still part of the grey pressing, but also comes with a special cover, limited to 25 copies. Overall 50 were made with special covers, and two different covers exist. One is entitle, "Northern Wolf", and this copy is entitled "Southern Dragon". These were sold exclusively at the release gig, and although the photo isn't doing it justice, it looks outstanding.
One of the other cool additions to this version of the record is a rune stone, which to be honest was part of the big draw for me to get this copy. I'm unsure if all the copies came with the same rune stone, but the rune on my stone appears to be kenaz, the rune of enlightenment (at least in Anglo Saxon). It's things like this that really make RIH releases stand out above all others.

Apart from these two additions, the packaging is the same as the copy I already owned. It was totally worth picking up though, and the tracks from both bands are still absolutely killer.

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