Sunday, 15 January 2012

Gehenna - O.D.R.I.E.P Flexi 7"

As part of the Cult Of 7 Crowns pre-order package, A389 was giving away this flexi as a bonus item. I couldn't really afford to get the whole package, although did get most of the items separately at some stage. This bonus flexi sounded really good, but at the time it just wasn't meant to be. Luckily all of the copies didn't go, so I was able to buy it separately a wee while later. 
This flexi contains Gehenna doing a cover of D.R.I's "Yes Ma'am". It is not an exact replica of the entire song, they really just play the extremely fast sections, but it still sounds great. Apoacalypse's snarly vocals really go well with this song.

As seems normal with a flexi, the packaging is rather basic. The cover artwork features a trashed guy in a pretty trashed room. I wish I had this while I was still at school, and could have posted copies of it all round the place. 
The flexi is on plain black and is out of 250, although not individually numbered.
 The reverse side of the cover gives a bit of detail about the track. It is a bit blurry (no longer), but says the song was written by D.R.I and recorded during the "In Tenebris" sessions.

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