Thursday, 26 January 2012

GOUM - 2010 demo tape

I got into GOUM really quickly after hearing "Rensa" for the first time. As I usually do, I searched the web for any and all releases by the band. After getting "The MotherFetus" I set my sights on getting the 2010 demo tape released by Crysis records. only 100 were produced and they were pretty much nowhere to be found, but I decided to try my luck at emailing Crysis to see if any were left. At first I didn't hear anything, but after several months they replied saying they had some left over! Needless to say I bought one as soon as possible, and to my surprise it arrived in the mail within the week. Now that is good service.
This demo tape contains 4 tracks from GOUM; 2 from their previously released demo CD-R, as well as the songs from the MotherFetus EP. 
I'm pretty sure the star shown on the artwork is meant to serve as the band logo, it is printed on the tape as well. Although I can't really tell what is going on with the artwork besides the star, I do like the artwork this time around. It really gives a crusty feel.
The artwork folds out into the lyrics sheet, which like last time has been  translated into English. Again it isn't the best translation, but at least they tried though right?
While I'm writing about releases, I generally like to have them playing. As I went to put this on, I noticed the magnetic tape was caught underneath the head and so wouldn't play anymore! Luckily after some carefully operation-style tape surgery it is all back to normal now. 

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