Friday, 9 August 2013

Psywarfare - Candyman 7"

This is definitely one of the more mysterious and obscure pieces in my record collection. Housed in a clear red bag arrived a record straight out of 1999, well kind of. 1999 was when Psywarfare originally released the Candyman EP, but it wasn't until a surprise box of these records turned up at the HT vvebstore a few weeks ago that I was able to get my own copy.
I don't know an awful lot about this records, but from what I have been able to find out there were at least two copies of this record. There is this version with the mysterious man is glasses, which I think is the regular version, and then there is the version with the more limited blue cover (with a different face on it). For a while HT were selling a deluxe version of this which contained both versions, but as you'd expect that sold out incredibly quickly.
All four tracks are on pink vinyl, which does look surprisingly good. Each side has the same man/robot centre labels, with inverted colours. According to (I've never heard of it until now), the pink is limited to 396 copies. I have no idea if that is true, correct me if I'm wrong..
The last interesting thing about this release relates to the red bag and inner sleeve. On the HT site the record is said to come in an embossed red bag with this accompaning picture:
However, my red bad was completely free of any such logo. Instead I have the Psywarfare logo branded on the inner sleeve. I don't know how many others are like this, but I think it is rather neat.


  1. My copy also has the dustsleeve hand embossed...

    1. Right, perhaps they were all actually like that then...

  2. This is just all around incredible packaging.. VERY cool!