Sunday, 18 August 2013

Gehenna - East Coast Tour 7"

Back in 2012 The Infamous Gehenna performed an tour of the east coast of the USA, and as part of that tour released a new 7". I didn't have a hope in hell of getting one at one of the shows, but thanks to the magic of the internet I now have my very own copy. 
While this is technically a new 7", it is really more of a compilation record than a new EP. It combines the tracks from the splits with Blind to Faith and California Love onto the one record. The difference between the two sides highlight the contrast in Gehenna's work. "Get Fucked Up" is much more like their earlier material, whereas "Disciple In My Own Image" and "Lord of The Witch" from the split with BTF is the first glimpse at the more psychotropic tracks of the later Gehenna. All three tracks are just great though.
This is limited to just 125 copies, which are thankfully all hand-numbered. Mine is almost in the very middle of the lot, number 72.

The record itself is very plain; black wax with no centre labels. However, it does bear one more subtle similarity to the aforementioned splits. Interestingly the matrix etchings on either side are exactly the same as in the two splits, as if this record represents an entire duplication of those 7"s.
In case you haven't heard these tracks, here they all are thanks to the band's bandcamp page.  
Gehenna have since released an even more limited 7" that has some new tracks, "They Begged For War". This is available to stream also. If only I were able to get a copy of this too. 


  1. "Get Fucked Up" is such a ripping track. I made the ride to Cleveland and saw the first show show of the tour (Because who could pass up a show with Gehenna and The Inmates?). Gehenna was awesome even if half the crowd just stood still.

    The thing that stands out most though is hanging out with Mike Cheese and DC after. They have a genuine love of music that few can rival.

    And how good is that lathe cut? Holy shit.

    1. Yeah it's fantastic. Have you got a copy of that one?

  2. Nah I missed out on it. I haven't bought a record in a long time sadly. That'll change with the new Countress LP and DEATHKAMPOFTHESKULL.