Friday, 27 September 2013

The Way to Light​/​Feral​/​Wrecca 3-way Split

All the way back in April I wrote a small piece about a one man project from an ex-Botfly member, The Way to Light. When I received the email I liked what I heard, and so when I got another email about the project's latest work I was quite keen to write something again. Sadly I'm only just getting round to it now (which is several months later), but it is not through lack of enthusiasm.
This time TWTL features on a three way split tape, with Wrecca and Feral, released by Red River Family records, which showcases four brand new tracks from TWTL, and 12 in total.

The new TWTL tracks pick up right where "The Sun's Ascent" left off, creating layer upon layer of multi-dimensional drones and noises. To be honest, I find these kinds of tracks difficult to listen to some of the time. There are times when what you want is to feel raw energy pulsating into your ears drums, which of course is not this. But, there are times when you really need to calm and clear your head. For me, TWTL is perfect for times for this. It feels like it somehow alters your very consciousness as you begin to really listen to all the small sounds and whispers that creep into your ear canals. In this way I think TWTL is really something special.

The other two bands, Feral and Wrecca are two bands I had not heard of until this split, but both are interesting in their own way.

Feral play four tracks, that according to the website are described as Doom Folk. I fell that is really quite an apt description of these tracks, three of which are acoustic with a very sad tone about them. However, the last Feral track, "Outro", changes entirely. Instead of an acoustic guitar dominating the sound, a single building drone takes it's place. On top of this are whispered vocals, that really do send a shiver down the spine.

Wrecca are entirely different again. They take a much harsher approach to their tracks than the other bands, especially with the track "Take Us Away". The guitar is incredibly noisy, and there are even coarsely screamed vocals over the top. I swear I can hear the sound of a metal pole being dragged along the ground in this one too... In some ways it is really quite different to the rest of the tracks on the split, yet it somehow still somehow seems to complement them very well.

If you are keen to check this out, the embedded player just below will help you get your fix. And if that still isn't quite enough, head on over to the online store and pick up the tape.

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