Saturday, 5 October 2013

Rot in Hell demo tape

Another day, another awesome Rot in Hell release. I must admit, I do check Ebay and the like relatively frequently for RIH releases, but I am still really quite surprised when a rarity such as this pops up. For whatever reason, I didn't have to bid particularly high to win it either. 
This is the original RIH demo tape. Their first release, all the way back from 2007. This has later been produced into a 7", and included on the Hallways of the Always compilation.

Although the side of the case contains lists only two tracks, the tape does contain three. These are exactly the same three that appear on the later releases, which includes "Final Word" in addition to the two below.
Even though the tape is the first thing released by the band, there is still the attention to detail put into the packaging that is present on the later RIH releases. The tape itself is plain black, but comes housed in a great cardboard sleeve, which has been given a sort of grainy effect. The whole thing has a lot of Process-themed imagery.
Inside the cover is an insert similar to what was inside the "Sins of Malice" EP. The same Robert deGrimston is used, although this insert folds out into a cross shape. The lyrics are printed below the picture, although they are quite jumbled and written over the top of one another.
I also noticed the card used to create the sleeve is rather interesting. I was expecting plain card, but there is definitely something printed in there. I could never cut it open, but I sure am curious to see all that lies within....

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