Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Seven Sisters of Sleep / Shaman's Owl split 10"

One band that seems to be very busy as of late is Seven Sisters of Sleep. It seems like only a wee while ago that Opium Morals was released, and they have already had two splits out since then. One of those was the Record Store Day release with Ilsa, the other is this split with Shaman's Owl. And if that wasn't enough, they have been nothing short of gold.
This split is released on the somewhat uncommon 10" format. I know this is a somewhat unpopular format, but I quite like it. It's always nice to get somethinga bit different.

The whole thing has a gold and blue theme that has turned out great. Quite fittingly, the colored versions of the vinyl were also blue and gold. From memory these were limited to 200 and 300 respectively. I opted for the gold,which also came with a splash of black.
I placed my order as soon as the pre orders came out,so I was lucky enough to get some extras inside my package. The first is this set of three patches. The top is for the label that released the record, Feast of Tentacles. This is also the first time I have seen their logo, which is actually hard to see in this photo. Underneath is one for SSOS and Shaman's Owl.
The next is this amazing letter pressed insert. Again the same colour theme has been carried out, with gold writing over a blue card.
Musically this thing is a beast too. It marks my introduction to Shaman's Owl, which were actually pretty good. SSOS really stole the show though with their new track "Bastard Son". It is the band's first lengthy track, reaching just under 10 and a half minutes. The band seem to be experimenting with a few different styles in here, and it really works out great. Although it is their longest song, there is not a second that feels dragged on.

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