Thursday, 29 December 2011

Gehenna - Negotium Perambulans In Tenebris 12"

A consequat harenas igneus, venite in gehennam.

If anybody actually knows any Latin, forgive me as that is probably an incredibly poor translation. You can blame google.
This is the first official full length LP from Gehenna, released in 2000. I missed out on the few copies A389 were selling a wee shile back, but was lucky enough to pick up this from Ebay. I actually had already purchased this from another member, but the storage placeexperienced water damage and so I was refunded. I checked ebay the next day, and another member had this copy listed for a fixed price, so I snapped it up very quickly. 
 This is a very simple release. As you can see, the cover is plain black with gehenna and the album title printed on. The record is also plain black, with no labels on inscriptions on the vinyl.
The insert has a picture of the artwork from the CD version of the album. On the reverse side is the lyrics sheet. It contains lyrics for the songs except the last one, a G.G. cover. Instead of lyrics it simply says "if you want the lyrics go buy a G.G. record and quit being a fuckin' poser!"

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