Thursday, 22 December 2011

Descendents - Bonus Fat 12"

What can I say about this band that hasn't been said many times before? Probably not much, so I'll try keep it short.

If you don't know who they are, please proceed to close your browser now. The descendents are the undisputed kings of pop punk, and I have loved them for many years now. One summer's day while purveying the local RealGroovy store I came across this. This release includes the descendents' first two releases - the Fat EP on side A, and the "Ride The Wild/It's A Hectic World" 7" on side B. While side B is good, it doesn't have the flare the Milo brings to the table in side A as well as the later releases.

The cover picture for this does such a great job of summing up the word "fat". The burger just looks so nasty and greasy.

There is nothing fancy here, just plain black vinyl with a green label that has a caricature of each of the band members. It's in a simple cover with the lyrics printed on the back.

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