Thursday, 22 December 2011

Pulling Teeth - Paranoid Delusions/Paradise Illusions 12" UPDATED

This is probably my favourite record that I own. Not only are the songs fantastic, but the band has put so much effort into the packaging. I'll start off with the cover; it is a really choice hologram of two images.

I have tried to show this in the photos, it turned out okay. If I get round to it, I'll post a video showing it better.
The vinyl itself also looks great. It was initially released in two colours, red splatter (for paranoid delusions) and green splatter (paradise illusions). I acquired this well after the initial pressing, but was lucky enough to spot 3 left on the A389 webstore a while ago that were going for waaaay cheaper than on ebay. I think the colour was picked at random, and I got the green version.
On the floor this actually looks black, but you can see the colour better when it is held up to the light.

Finally, the last impressive piece of the package was the massive poster included. I've taken a picture next to the record for comparison.

So yeah, all in all I'm very pleased to own a copy of this.

UPDATE: And here is a video of the awesome hologram.

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