Thursday, 22 December 2011

Pulling Teeth - Funerary 12"

Funerary is another great album released by Pulling Teeth. With the sad news that the band are calling it quits, it serves as their last proper release.

The first half of the album is exactly what you would expect from listening to previous Pulling Teeth releases. It's loud, angry, and oh so fast. However, its the second half of the album where things get interesting. The track "Funerary" sets a new direction for the record, one that is much slower and heavier. Although this song lasts for just over 10 minutes, it still certainly leaves you wanting more. My favourite song on the album is "At Peace", it would make a great eulogy.
The artwork is very typical of a Pulling Teeth release; flying boys and lots of snake-esque creatures.

This version was the Japanese edition, and as such came with an OBI strip. Furthermore, this came along with a bonus copy of their 2005 demo flexi, which I'll show in another post.
Surprisingly, it did not have the usual A389 label, although I guess this is because it is a foreign edition. The package also came with an insert containing more artwork, with lyrics on the back.

To my surprise the whole album is streaming online via bandcamp, enjoy!

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