Thursday, 22 December 2011

Gravehill - Practitioners Of Fell Sorcery 12"

Don't you just love the colour of this record? Apparently the colour is called oxblood, a perfect fitting name me thinks. What is even better is that it really matches the colour of the cover!
That photo isn't the greatest, perhaps there was too much light. Oh well, you get the idea.

This is yet another stellar release from A389, Gravehill. This band features members of Gehenna and Devil/Penetration Panthers, playing classic death metal. The tracks on this record were actually recorded in 2002, but was only recently released on vinyl.

The rear side of the cover is the same dark red and contains lyrics to all of the songs except the last,  "The Internal Oath". Instead this simply reads "lyrics unavailable, hail Satan". Even upon listening to this track it is hard to decipher the lyrics, although it is one wicked song.

A389 offer no digital download for this release, although I'm pretty sure you can find one on Mike Apocalypse's blog somewhere.

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