Friday, 23 November 2012

Pale Creation / Hessian split 12"

It's hard to believe it was a whole month ago that I reviewed the tracks for this split, where has that time gone? Anyway, after hearing the MP3's I couldn't wait to get a physical copy of this split. Digital music is fine and easy to listen to, but it just doesn't compare to having something tangible in your hands.
I previously only saw one side of the artwork, the Hessian side. One lovely commenter posted about disliking the artwork because of the 'stupid white stripes'. I actually rather like it, if you look well enough you can see the lines can be used to spell Hessian. It is however nice to see that there is also a Paler side to the split artwork. This is courtesy of DH, and has now been printed as a limited t-shirt.
It seems the norm that Magic Bullet presses their records on three different colours, and this release is no exception. Blood, purple/red and red/black variants were pressed and I opted for the blood version. The colour has really turned out great too. I've a feeling I remember reading the total press is out of 500 copies with undisclosed numbers of each colour. I'll just say this is out of 166.667.
Of course there are other goodies along with the record. First and foremost is the sleeve insert. Each band has one side, while only thee Pale side any lyrics.
I love when record labels throw in freebies along with orders, and Magic Bullet is one that seems to consistently give me something extra. This time I received a copy of the CD "I Have Supped Full of Horrors", by Romance of Young Tigers, which consists of 4 instrumental tracks. The artwork on the CD is also really great. The four songs are available to listen to online, so I'll embed them down the bottom.
I was also hoping to have the Kill Life record along with this, but sadly Magic Bullet has had a problem with receiving their copies from the pressing plant. Hopefully the wait won't be too much longer...

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