Monday, 19 November 2012

Discreet Doll Band - Back in Business 7"

My first introduction to this band was on the Cult of The Seven Crowns Mixtape I posted about a while ago.  Of course that track was mixed and distorted, but sounded interesting so I decided to try and put my basic music manipulation skills to the test. After some Audacity magicry I was able to get the track back to a somewhat decent speed and I liked what I heard. Instead of Gehennas or Sangraals vicious take on metallic hardcore, this was a lo-fi garage rock sound. I was keen to hear more so decided to track down their releases. As seems usual currently, it was Discogs to the rescue.
There isn't actually a lot I can talk about with this record, the whole thing is pretty bare-bones. It's a simple black 7" in a basic orange sleeve. I have a feeling there is also a light blue version of the sleeve lurking out there somewhere.
Although the packaging isn't particularly exciting, I quite like it. The music is pretty straight up with no frills, which is encompassed well with the bare packaging.
Despite the reverse of the sleeve only displaying two tracks, the record contains three tracks of simple rock greatness. Since this EP the band have released "Disposable" which I'll be trying to track down in the near future.


  1. Deny Everything is one of my favorite songs, Gehenna-related or else. DDB is just super catchy jams, kind of like a less gothic version of Penetration Panthers. The other 7" is definitely worth tracking down.

    Another cool COT7C gem that doesn't get enough attention is the Motherfucking Titty Suckers split with 46 Short. It's good old fashioned trashy punk rock.

    1. Yes Deny Everything truly is great, I've definitely been listening to it a lot.
      Thanks for the info about MTS, I may very well get that split if possible.