Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Pale Creation - 2nd Demo Tape

I first got into Pale Creation with the FANtastic album "Twilight Haunt", which was first released about 12 years ago. I'd heard of the existence of earlier work from the band but for whatever reason never really tracked it down. Well at least until  heard about this, the second Pale Creation demo tape, which the band used to sell ages ago. Even the band thought these were all sold out, but the drummer's father found a completely unopened box which contained nearly another 100 tapes!

This was quite a lot different from what I was expecting based on their later material. It's considerably more melodic than the Pale Creation I was accustomed to, and the vocals are actually sung! It may be different, but it's still a great demo tape. It was released in 1994, so I guess the band had a long time to grow and change their sound.

Andrew from the currently defunct Aversiononline posted about this tape about 7 years ago and included some interesting comments from Nick. Funnily enough he describes the tape as taking more of an emo direction than their first tape!
A total of five tracks is included on the tape, which total to just under 15 minutes all together. The lyrics for each song is on the insert, which I must say is on really nice thick card.

Hearing this has made me want to track down the first 1992 demo tape, although I haven't seen one around anywhere. Maybe I'll be lucky and spot one somewhere soon.