Thursday, 1 November 2012

Horders - Fimbulvetr 12"

Okay, back to vinyl now.
My first exposure to Horders was on the awesome split with RIH. At the time I didn't quite appreciate what Horders did on that split and like a fool didn't really listen to it. Then I bought a second coloured copy of that split and listened to the two tracks some more, and they started to grow on me a bit. Various other internet folks had mentioned how good the new LP was so I decided to head over to Give Up's webstore and order myself a copy. I'm pleased I made that decision.
For those who are unfamiliar with Horders, it is the music incarnation of the street art project, Give Up. Horders has a dark (mostly) acoustic style, incorporating various samples and the likes. They've also incorporated a lot of their artwork into this release, which is really great of course. The inside of the cover has my favourite piece from Give Up, "sleipnir". Once I've got the money to do so I'd really like to get this screen print to put on the wall.
One hundred of these were pressed on clear vinyl which does look really nice. I was a bit slow on picking mine up, so was only able to get the regular black pressing, out of 400 copies. It does still look pretty great though, the triangle on the centre label goes really well.
The inside the box was three Horders/Give Up badges. I originally forgot about these when I first wrote the post, it was only when I went to recycle the box that I found them once again.
And if there wasn't enough art in this release already, it also came with a photocopy of another of Give Up's works. A Horders patch was also lurking inside the cover.

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