Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Moutheater - Ornament 12"

Here is another record I've been pretty excited about for a wee while now. This great album was first brought to my attention when ordering the later Moutheater album, "Colonial". To make up for the lack of glow in the dark copies of that record, a copy of the CD release of this album was included. Ornament was first released three years ago on CD, and rumours have been circulating around the depths of the internet that it was finally going to receive the vinyl treatment. A couple of weeks ago it finally did so I made sure to order one straight away.
Aaron has done a great job with the layout for this release. The same dead bird artwork is present from the CD, but has been stripped of the Moutheater logo and album title, which definitely cleans the whole thing up considerably. Instead of on the cover these are on a sticker on the plastic sleeve, a real nice touch.
Three different versions of this have been pressed, pink/green, green/green and pink/black. The pink/green version is only limited to 6, but sadly was not available to the public. The green/green version was then the obvious choice, this is limited to just 24 copies and is now all sold out. It looks amazing as well, I wasn't sure just what it'd look like but it is just great. The pink/black is still up for sale via Head2Wall, but is also rather limited (to 220). You can see one what this looks like here.
Also thrown in the package is a trusty insert. On the front is the lyrics to every track and on the back is some info/thanks.
The label also gave me a download code (which coincidentally I didn't need) and a card advertising their recent summer sampler. If you're a fan of Moutheater or are just intrigued I'd suggested checking it out at the below address. You've got nothing to lose with free samplers anyway.

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