Monday, 2 July 2012

Moutheater - Colonial 12"

Here we have the latest LP from Moutheater; Colonial. I'm really only starting to get into Moutheater, but what I've heard so far is great, this LP being no exception. Although only being 4 tracks long, it nearly reaches 20 minutes and seems a perfect length. 
They've really done nothing fancy with the artwork this time around, but it is fitting for such a bleak release.
The reverse side is just about as basic as the front. Sometimes a basic design just works though, and this is definitely one of those times.
Two versions of this are out there; black and glow in the dark. I thought I had access to an awesome glow in the dark copy, but obviously fate decided I was to have the black version (more on this in a bit).
When I initially ordered this I requested a glow in the dark copy. I don't have any glow in the dark vinyl yet, so was real anxious for it to arrive. After a little while I got an email from Andrew saying he'd run out of these ones. It was no biggy really, I didn't pay anymore for a glow in the dark or anything. However in true independent music spirit, he offered to send me some extras to make up for the mistake. I certainly got a lot more than I bargained on.
The first was another Moutheater album, this time on CD. And what a great album this is! I've been listening to album more than anything at the moment, and there are literally many highlights throughout. It makes me wish I'd been lucky enough to be exposed to Moutheater earlier.
Next was this rather surprising piece. This is "Satanic Logic" by a band name Panther Modern. Coming from the infamous Baltimore, these guys play what I guess you'd call blackened noise. I wasn't sure what to expect, and was surprisingly pleased when I first played it. I find this sort of material can be very hit and miss, but this is definitely hit.
I was again surprised with packaging with this one. Quite uniquely it came with two colour photos and a transparent film from the label. It's a bit hard to tell, but the photos are of a drawing being burnt. What's more is that this tape is limited to just 30 copies!
On top of the two extra music pieces, Andrew also gave me this handful of Moutheater patches and stickers. It's great receiving more than one of these, I always like to keep at least one unused, so I at least have the option of using one of these for something.
Not a bad haul overall aye? Nothing beats getting more great music than you'd expected to receive.

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