Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Pulling Teeth / Shin to Shin split 7"

This is yet another EP I've had digitally for ages now. I have been meaning to pick up a copy for nearly as long, but whenever I'd come around to adding it to my A389 cart, there was always something else that seemed to take priority. Eventually enough was enough and I decided to just get it with my next order. Luckily, after writing the post about the MMXII music sampler, I was privileged enough to receive 25% off with my next order. What more excuse did I need to pick up a few things I'd been meaning to get for a while?
This EP is a few years old now, so I was rather surprised when there were still several different versions available to purchase. At the time I think a green camo, grey marble, black (with blue cover) and orange versions were up for grabs. I saw the orange version was the first variant pressed, so figured that'd be the best one to buy of the lot. I am unaware of how many were pressed of this, although I assume a set limited amount was chosen. I suppose I could look on deadformat or something if I really feel bothered one day.
By now ya'll should know all about Pulling Teeth, but I'll forgive you if Shin to Shin is a bit less familiar. To be honest I don't know an awful lot about them, except it's Aaron Melnick's new band (from Integrity). The song they play here was their debut material, and it is a very strong song. The solo at 2:05 almost has enough power to melt your face off. I'd also like to think the name of the song "Extinction" is the motivation for the cockroach artwork theme.
Pulling Teeth also contribute one song to this split, which is an early recording of "Grudgeholder" seen in "Funerary", and is ever so slightly less heavy than the re-recorded version. A389 post a mock warning on their site;  "Warning: This record is crammed with more riffs and guitar solos than you'll know what to do with". This is very appropriate for this track.


  1. I think you found a rarer color... Hold on to that record until you know more about it I suggest.

  2. This is the pre-order version I believe so most likely it's out of 200/250/300. Very good record nonetheless. Shin To Shin's debut LP should melt faces and then some.

    1. As always Evan your knowledge seems to surpass mine, haha. The LP is definitely something to look forward to, hopefully it won't be withheld from us for too long

  3. My brain picks up all kinds of useless information, haha. Anything useful though... usually disappears quite quickly.

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