Friday, 27 July 2012

The Love Below - 2009 Demo Flexi

I recently mentioned of my new found appreciation for the Love Below. It may have taken three years since the band's inception, but I've found myself listening to their tracks so much lately. Although in somewhat reverse fashion, I've also taken it upon myself to acquire all the material the band has put out. After "Every Tongue Shall Caress", the second release I picked up was this flexi of the band's 2009 demo. Of course this isn't as good as their newer stuff, but the elements that make the band great are all there, even if a tad less refined. I've embedded the songs at the bottom so you can hear what I mean.
Again the artwork is in a very similar style to that seen on later releases. It is still very busy, but there is one distinct aspect that screams out as being different; it isn't visually offensive at all. Don't get me wrong, I think the artwork on "Reproductive Rights" and ETSC is great and fits the songs perfectly, but they are still a bit uncomfortable to look at from time to time. For whatever reason, this is lacking that uncomfortable factor.
A389 released this as a limited flexi on clear yellow, so you can probably guess the number it was limited to by now (It begins with 2, and ends in hundred). I was contemplating buying directly from the band, as they had clear copies limited to just 50, but was getting a few things from A389 at the time so just decided to get it from there. It probably worked out as cheaper shipping or something.
Four songs are on this record, which seems a hell of a lot for a single flexi to hold. Usually you only get one measly song to listen to. Anyway, as promised here is the stream of the demo. Its even available to download for free if you fancy it.

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