Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Children Of God - Flexi

Continuing to bridge the gap between music and absolute mind blowing chaos, is this latest flexi from California's Children of God. 
As what seems to be the somewhat norm these days, this is limited to just 200 copies. As far as I could see it wasn't numbered in anyway, although that doesn't really matter. The track is on opaque flexi stuff (whatever the material is meant to be called).
From the recording session for the split with Seven Sisters of Sleep, this one track record only just breaks the 80 seconds mark. In some ways that may be all the human mind is capable of processing at one time, anything longer would cause the brain to spontaneously explode in a horrible mess. That is the pure energy captured in this flexi, it resonates right out of the turntable directly into your body leaving you in a state of bewilderment once it is over. A389 has been courteous enough to stream the whole track on their soundcloud page, so I'll embed it at the bottom. 
And if you want to 'sing' along, the lyrics are provided on the back of the cover.

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