Sunday, 19 August 2012

Pulling Teeth / Mighty Sphincter split 7"

I've really been meaning to write about this one for a while now, as is the way with quite a few things it seems. If my surprisingly shocking memory is serving me well, I believe I got this along with a bunch of 7"s as part of the deal I got when I reviewed the A389 sampler a while back. I was rather surprised that there were still copies of this bad boy left to order, it was released a wee while ago now and I thought it'd be long gone. Since I purchased my copy it seems they are no longer for sale, so perhaps I received one of the lucky last ones.
As part of a pre-order bonus (I forget with what now), A389 released this limited Mighty Sphincter tribute 7". Both bands play one classic Mighty Sphincter track, although with a bit of a twist. Although this is officially a split between Pulling Teeth and Mighty Sphincter (which by the way is awesome to get a band to feature on their own tribute EP), it is unofficially dubbed Integriteeth / Pale Sphincter 7". Each band has guest vocals, Dwid from Integrity as vocals for Pulling Teeth, and Nick Fiction of Pale Creation as vocals for Mighty Sphincter.
Only one version exists this time, black vinyl limited to just 300 copies. Until recently this was still available to buy, but it seems it is all sold out now. If you are desperate to hear the songs, the digital EP is available for just USD$2.50.
The two songs featured on here are just great. Integriteeth perform a cover of the classic "New Manson Family", and Dwid's vocals really add another terrifying layer to an already haunting song. Pale Sphincter offers "Holy Unholy", which again is a very good cover.  

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