Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Pale Creation / Abraxis split 7" - Finishing the Set

A while ago I posted about this split, which I mentioned that I somehow ended up with two colour variants. Well while browsing Ebay, I came across the last of the colour variations really (and I mean really) cheap. I wouldn't normally bother, but seeing as I was so close to finishing the set on this split, I thought I may as well try and win it. The auction didn't drum up much interest at all, so it was mine with little effort. Funnily enough, the Ebayer I was buying from was Nate from Hemlock 13 again. In addition to what I had one, he sent a copy of Grace. This is such a great record, I'll post about it soon.

Surprisingly, it turns out that the plain black version is actually the most limited of the three. Only 60 were produced, compared to 120 of the other two versions. And here they all are, they make quite a nice looking set I think.

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