Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Pale Creation / Abraxis Split 7"

About five or six weeks ago I placed an order from TDON for this split. About a week ago I was starting to think it may have been misplaced in the mail. That is probably quite unlikely, but it has happened with something once before so was not outside the realm of possibility. Anyway, when my mail came today I finally received a familiar looking 7" package coming all the way from the UK. It may have taken a while, but i'd say this was worth the wait. Plus a little something extra came with it, but I'll get onto that a bit later. 
From what I could see on the TDON store, two versions of this record were available; a yellow and red, and a white and grey (although a black version is lurking somewhere out there as well). I'd seen various photos of the red and yellow version before and really liked how it looked. Both were limited to a mere 120, so it was really just down to personal colour preference. Obviously, I went with the yellow and red version. 
Pictured in above photo is the Abraxis side of the record. You can see for yourself what sort of picture the centre label has so I don't need to explain it. This side of the cover features the artwork for the Abraxis side. 
 Invisible ink has been used, and this is about the best photo I could get. You can see the Abraxis logo down the bottom as well as a picture of Abraxas peeking out in the top right hand corner. 
You really have to appreciate the work of Abraxis. I'm pretty sure this isn't the case at the moment, but at the time of this record the band only consisted of one person. Andy Wounds must have some serious talent to be able to produce a record of this calibre all by himself.
 On the flip side is what Pale Creation brings to the record. The artwork is rather basic compared to the other side, but I actually prefer it. The water drop effect is outstanding and appears almost real. There seems to be a thing with the Creation of Pale birds, but I'm not really sure what it is. Just over the bird is some more invisible writing. I thought it would have turned out better in the photo, but you can just about make out the band name.
 Inside the cover was a wee insert with the lyrics to all three songs, as well as the usual thanks' from the bands.
 Now, onto the extra bonus I received with this. When I opened the packaging, I found they had sent me two copies of the record, even though I only ordered one! I'm not sure if that was a mistake or not, but I aint complaining. Luckily the second copy was was one of a different colour, the white and grey version. 
Musically the split is just great. This is the first Abraxis material I've owned to date, and I am definitely impressed. They (he) play classic Holy Terror hardcore a la Integrity. Pale Creation continue with their more alternative metal approach in the style of their self-titled 7". The whole thing is streaming on the TDON bandcamp if you fancy a listen.

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