Thursday, 1 March 2012

Pale Creation - S/T 7"

This one isn't exactly new (it's almost a whole 2 years old now), but is a new pick up for me. I did already own this 7" digitally, but that is just not really enough for a release like this one is it? So along with the latest batch of A389 releases, I snuck a copy of this 7" in the order.
This EP contains two new songs from PC, and was the first thing released from the band this century. Of course both songs are fantastic, and are full of the thick atmospheric guitar and harsh vocals you've gotten to love from Twilight Haunt. 
This is truly one great looking package. The artwork on the front features six birds arranged in what I believe is the fashion of a heart. On the rear the same black and red colour scheme has been used, and depicts a scene of flowers. Perhaps this is the Rose Coloured Haze?
Inside the cover is the lyrics to both songs on the top, and some thank you's down the bottom. Even the 'mysterious' Jack Abernathy has been thanked on this one.
I really don't know why Pale Creation aren't anywhere near as popular as they should be. What illustrates this quite nicely is that almost two years after the initial release, there are still available copies of the pre-order version of this record left to buy brand new. These are limited to just 250! You would have thought these would have gone straight away. 
Don't be like me, get this record as soon as you can.

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