Monday, 27 February 2012

Integrity - Kingdom of Heaven 7"

Last time I posted about the Evacuate flexi. This time I'm gonna talk about a record that compliments that quite nicely. This 7" contains the three other songs that were recorded 20 whole years ago. It is hard to believe this material was produced that long ago, it could be released today and it would still destroy just about anything else.
I'm pretty sure the artwork was done by Dwid, it sure does fit with the style of artwork he does lately. Obviously there is a big skull in the background, but the rest is anybody's guess. You can probably just about make out the Integrity skull lurking in there somewhere as well.
These invisible pictures are becoming quite notorious for being hard to photograph, but I think that illustrates the Integrity logo quite well.
I think I see some trees in there, maybe....
Ooh, who would have guessed? More invisible ink. This time it shows the Integrity logo as well as the couple of crosses that have been cropping up here and there.
The inside of the cover is really quite minimal. All it has is the logo and track listings on top of a grainy grey background.
I managed to grab myself a white version of this record. These were limited to just 150, and are now all sold out. A black version is still in circulation for those who've missed out on this one. As a commenter added, there was also a more limited version on smoky black and red. These were limited to a ridiculously low 50, and were on sale at the A389 show. A couple were put up for sale on the HT bigcartel, but these went too fast for me to get one.
Stupidly, I wasn't sure who this character was meant to be. I have since been informed this is David Araca, which makes perfect sense if you think about it.
In all honesty, you should all be familiar with the tracks on this EP. But just in case you aren't, A389 has provided one of the songs on their soundcloud page.


  1. the label character is David Araca

  2. There's also a band copy of this on clear dark red with smoky black streaks, limited to 50.