Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Only The Strong Compilation 7"

The journey to getting this compilation began with the Rot In Hell track "Final Word". I had been listening to that song for a while and really grew to like it. A while later I learnt that it was actually a cover from a 90's hardcore band called Meanstreak, which appeared on this compilation. In addition, I discovered that an early recording of Integrity's "Darkness" was featured on the compilation also. That pretty much sealed the deal. It was actually pretty easy to come across too, they are quite frequently on Ebay for next to nothing. 
I have seen a few different versions of this out there. There seems to be different colour vinyl pressings, as well as different colour covers. I don't know the pressing information for my version, but I have the red cover on plain black vinyl. Thats probably the most common one.

Considering the somewhat unusual artwork on the front, the rear of this cover looks pretty typical. Does it really get more 90's hardcore than a baldy white guy looking angry?


  1. It looks like you're missing the inserts/booklet that comes with this comp.

    1. Yeah it seems I am, I got nothing close to an insert with this.